Monday, March 23, 2009

Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe

Today was not a good day. If anybody was giving out "best mom" awards, today would have disqualified me for sure. I was impatient and irritable. I didn't use my time or my words well. I didn't cherish my son. That grieves my heart. I just clicked over to Noah Steven's blog again this evening and it reminded me of how much I have to be thankful for. Noah was born about the same time as Iain, but Noah died last year. I know that we all have less than stellar days as parents, but it is good to be reminded of the precious and fragile gift that our children are. I pray that God would help me steward my great gift tomorrow and all the days thereafter. I'm thankful for the gift of God's grace and forgiveness, which are new every morning.

Nothing new under the sun

Speaking of the lower classes:

"It's so consoling! It's such a delight to know that, when they suffer, they don't feel! Sometimes I have been quite uneasy for that sort of people, but now I shall just dismiss the idea of them altogether. "

--Miss Dartle. Great Expectations, Charles Dickens

This line caught me while watching Masterpiece tonight. How many injustices have been justified under this cloak? Slavery, social discrimination, abortion, the Holocaust? But we mustn't worry about the grief or trials of that particular kind. After all, they aren't human.