Saturday, August 07, 2010

So, how has it been with you?

Iain has turned four, and is going through a marvelously funny phase. He is trying to figure out the world and his interpretations are often just a bit off. After playing in his room for 10 minutes, he will come up to me, and in all sweetness and sincerity, ask "So Mommy, how has it been with you?" I love this fledging effort to communicate and to show interest in my life.

Other favorite words of mine:
wegular (regular)
'tend (pretend)
stunk (skunk)-- it is surprising how often this word comes up when you're talking to a boy!
mooshy (kiss)
El Nor (Elinor) I think this sounds like her luchador name. 
Nowa (Nora)
popiskles (popsicles)
passage (package)
kirch (church)
guhl (girl)
dinostore (dinosaur)
andimals (animals)
tached (attached)

His best little stuffed buddy, Henri, has become Iain's son, as has Piglet. Piglet wears on of Nora's old onesies that reads "Mommy's Wakeup Call". Currently Henri is wearing a plastic bib and we have been told to be careful how we hold him, because he just ate.

Iain heard a knock knock joke recently and got a big kick out of it. Then he made up his own:

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Iain who?
Iain Douglas.

We both thought this was pretty funny, but for rather different reasons.

He also enjoys singing loudly to his sister. I think it is sweet that he wants to soothe her, and though his technique is a little unorthodox, she seems to like having him yelling in her face. His favorite song to sing is "Noly Boly Alice" which is a corruption of my cheesy nickname for her, "Nora Borealis".

Lately he has been having regular conversations with Daddy. They usually start out with "So, what should we talk about?"  Recent topics have been firetrucks, ice cream, airplanes, mountains, trains, and the river.

Elinor is now taking formula in addition to breastfeeding and has also been eating baby food. She finished an entire jar of peas in one sitting at lunch today, which is a first for her. She is small for her age, but is finally putting on some weight which we are very glad to see. She loves people and her absolute least favorite thing in the world is to watch someone (especially Mommy!) walk away from her. She knows her own name, and the words mommy and daddy. She can sit up by herself for (very) short periods of time.

The biggest news in Nora's world is that she can move herself purposefully now! She has a funny little inchworm crawl that I'm sure will very soon morph into full-on crawling. I can't believe she is mobile already. Look out world!


Anthony Smith said...

That's so great. Miss you guys!

(And isn't "girl" pronounced "guhl"? You're not meant to pronounce the "r"!)

Uncle KevKev said...

Watching that video reminds me of that old breakdancing move "The Worm" it's a very simular motion. Too cute! Both of them are just too cute!