Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas Shopping?

My brother in law, Allan, and his wife, Christine, were down for Thanksgiving and they brought this amazing gift catalog from Samaritan's Purse. This is a compassion ministry run by Franklin Graham and you can make donations to a variety of truly compassionate causes on behalf of someone. If you are trying to think of a gift for someone who really already has more than they need, consider this ministry. They will send a card notifying the recipent of the gift made on their behalf.

Here is the link for their online catalog: (Then click on Giving and Gift Catalog)

You can choose from a variety of needs:
Feed a hungry baby for a week
Help children (particularly girls) in Afghanstan learn to read
Help purchase transportation for traveling preachers
Give Bibles
Purchase livestock for families to support themselves with
Help provide vocational training for impoverished people in poor countries
Provide clean drinking water for families

I had never heard of this ministry before and my heart often yearns for a way to help the truly needy and to give a cup of cold water to Christ. Thanks so much Allan and Christine for showing me the catalog!!

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