Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mom and Dad are getting ready for baby

Brian and I have decided to paint the baby's room! Orignally we weren't going to do anything to it since we're leaving the house in September. BUT the room is lavender and my nesting instinct is kicking in. I know he won't be aware of the difference, but mommy will! I'm very excited about getting his room ready. It has been a guest room for so long-- I've held off and I've held off, but now it is finally time to get it ready!

In other baby news, I was able to contact an old friend and she agreed to be my doula! I'm very happy about that, being pretty clueless about birth myself. She sounded really excited too. It is going to be nice to have someone there encouraging me and giving me information about what exactly is going on, and advice about dealing with pain and making labor progress. So Brian and I are very happy that she will be there to help us.

Brian bought his first gift for Iain today. Any guesses as to what it is? Click the link below and see.

Too funny! Nothing like starting them early! Our kid is going to be the only one on the block who runs around wearing a shirt saying "sic semper tyrannis!" (FYI for those whose husbands aren't into political philosophy: That's the Virginia state motto. It means "thus always to tyrants" and it is often accompanied bythe state seal picturing lady virture with her foot on the tyrant's neck. Ok, enough with the history lesson.) It's a good thing we aren't sending him to public school-- he'd probably start a riot. And I was afraid that I'd be too much of a feminine influence on a developing boy. Don't worry, Dad's got it covered. He and Iain are in the backyard having broadsword practice. :)



"Sic semper tyrannis!" is what Brutus cried after killing Julius. Booth shouted the same phrase after shooting Lincoln.

Jeni said...

Does Brian consider Lincoln a tyrant? Just wondering...

Anyway, YAY on getting your doula. You will be ever so glad to have her around. I'm getting very excited for you.

Random news: a teacher at school who shouldn't smell strong smells says to put a teaspoon of vanilla into paint to make it smell better. She swears it works and doesn't change the color.

Hooray about those roses. I'm going to get one for a neighbor and one for my mil.

Anonymous said...

Go Brian! That's AWESOME!