Monday, January 08, 2007

All about the baby

Iain turned 7 months old yesterday! What a blessing he is. He is a healthy happy boy, and I'm learning more and more not to take that for granted.

Skills (no bow hunting or computer hacking skills yet):
He can sit up pretty well on his own, though he does occasionally fall over without much warning.

Grasping small objects-- he is still a bit clumsy, but he is determined!

He can give kisses! He only does this when he is in the mood, but when he starts he doesn't want to stop. Very sweet and very wet.

He can roll, do push-ups, and "swim" on his belly. He knows his own name.

Eats and enjoys solid foods. His favorite is probably mashed banana.

He is learning what "no" means and doesn't like it!

People! He loves attention. If you chat with him, you'll be rewarded with a big grin and quite possibly some giggles.

Funny noises. He thinks animal noises are very funny and also enjoys blowing raspberries. Any kind of odd noise will catch his attention and make him laugh.

Travel. Iain loves going places.

Music-- especially children's music or booming classical music. We have a CD of songs from the 96 (?) Olympics with all sorts of big rousing pieces on it and he is mesmerized by that. He also likes the 1812 Overture (especially when Daddy tosses him up in the air in time with the cannons at the end).

Favorite song: Old MacDonald's Farm

Favorite toy: I don't think he has one right now. LOVES his baby Ipod, Baby Bible and Winnie the Pooh soft books. I've started putting his little toy box out for him, and he takes everything out and chews on it! This usually keeps him occupied without complaint for 30-40 minutes.

Favorite person: He is definitely Mama's boy right now. Often he just wants me to hold him, and if I leave the room he will cry. He can be happy playing by himself and if he catches a glimpse of me, sometimes he will cry to be picked up. Silly little man. Of course he loves his Papa too, and they play lots of fun games together every night. When Daddy comes home, Iain always has a big grin for him. We often say that Papa is the fun one and Mommy is the snuggly one.

We are so thankful for our little guy. He brings so much happiness into my life everyday.

"Sing praises to the Lord, O you his saints, and give thanks to His holy name." Psalm 30:4


April said...

He is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

He just keeps getting cutier and cutier. But you need to intro him to some more music. Old McDonald? Are you trying to get him hooked on Big Macs? Let him listen to something of quality like "Rubber Soul" or "Let It Be". But all joking aside, absolutly no Barney/Teletubbies! Douglas men (even the young ones) are too smart for such silly drivel. The Uncle has spoken!