Friday, March 09, 2007

Let's Go Fly a Kite

The weather has been beautiful lately. We've actually left the house without a coat for very brief periods of time! I'm hoping that it holds. With the weather this way now, I'm really looking forward to spending the summer in Brighton. Last Saturday was very pretty and windy and after the men's breakfast Brian surprised us by bringing home a kite! We took it out on the hills behind our flat. Iain thought it was great! He smiled and danced and stared quizzically at it. We were so surprised because we didn't think he would notice. It was adorable.

Look at the beautiful blue sky!

There are my handsome happy boys!

Iain says, "Whoa, Papa, what's that?"

"Can I touch it Daddy?"

"Kite flying is so fun!"
The cows on the hill failed to appreciate the kite. They were a little freaked out!

My family is coming to visit in less than a month and I'm thrilled that the weather is improving. I hope it is really nice when they visit. It has been an early spring this year.


heidi jo said...

what a beautiful and picturesque scene!!!! i love it! (your hubby looks like he fits right in with the british in those pics) ;)

i'm THRILLED that your family is coming! oh jordan! that has to really help the loneliness to ease up so much - just knowing it's not long now... just wait a LITTLE bit longer! that's just wonderful. i can't wait to hear about their visit.

mrseagen said...

You could keep posting pictures of those hills every week, they are so beautiful, seeing the details our Creator put into it all. Breathtaking.
Love the look of wonder on Iain's face watching the kite. I wonder what he was thinking!


Except for my 'wellies' (rubber boots), that's pretty much exactly how I dressed back home, so it must really be the Brits who fit right in with me.