Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Springtime Walk

It is hard to believe, but spring has already come here in Sussex. It is still pretty chilly, especially on gray windy days, but the birds are singing and the early flowers are putting in their appearance. We technically live in the village of Falmer, though we often forget that since campus is busy and bustling. But just a short walk away is the beautiful countryside and quiet (well, mostly) village. Just last week we took a little walk around Falmer. It was pretty muddy, but beautiful.

Here is a hole we saw in the ground. We thought it might be a rabbit hole or fox hole. (Any ideas, Anthony?) As we were walking along the road the birds were in full voice and we scared lots of rabbits into running through the fields.

Then of course, there are always plenty of sheep to watch grazing on the rolling hills. I can't wait until Iain gets a bit bigger and is able to enjoy the animals more.

We walked further up the hill to some smaller pens where I'd seen some special sheep that look like teddy bears, but they weren't home. Instead, the Shetland ponies were having their dinner!

We walked home with the sun going down. It was much prettier than the picture shows. English winter sunsets seem to be a lot more dainty and dignified, using pastels instead of the bold oranges and reds of the flamboyant sub tropics. They are beautiful in their own way, but differnt from home.

And here are a few more pictures of lowers growing around the campus these days. Daffodils are everywhere!

And here are some pretty Snowdrops.

I love seeing the beauty of God's creation. It is so varied throughout the world, but each place has its own loveliness. I guess people are the same way really. We all have our faults and our talents and beauty. May people praise the creator when they see our lives!


Devil A Song UK said...

Nice flowers, good scenery, interesting thoughts, but not enough Iain. More pictures of cute baby nephews.

Susan said...

Wow. Crocuses and snow drops are my very favorite memory of Scotland. Thanks for the pics!

But yes, more pics of cute baby nephews. :D

Anthony said...

Could be rabbits or foxes, but the countryside around campus is renowned for its badger population (hence the name of the student newspaper). I've never seen one though!

heidi jo said...


mrseagen said...

what a breath of fresh air... I could almost smell the flowers. Great pictures :)

April said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of the green and the flowers. We are amidst our second foot of more of snow being dumped on us and the fresh pictures you shared give me hope that we are only a short season from the very same thing. It looks so peaceful there. I am so happy that you get to experience living in England!