Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eastbourne Minature Steam Railway

We recently visited the Eastbourne Mini Steam Railway and we had a great relaxed family day. It was a rare sunny afternoon and we rode the trains, played on the playground, and watched model trains. Iain thought it was amazing, but he took it very seriously. We didn't know that he even liked riding on the train until we got off and he started crying because he wanted to ride again!

Here's a shot of the boys riding the train around the park-- you can see what I mean about the seriousness. It was a really big track all around a lake, over a bridge, under a tunnel and past multiple playgrounds. It was great!

Mama enjoyed the pretty spring flowers!

They also had a couple of Thomas the Tank Engine train tables set up, which kept Iain enthralled. I'm hoping that Brian can build him something like this-- it was pretty simple really, and these tables cost a lot!

Enjoying some of the model trains set up in the park.

Iain thought this slide was a little scary-- it was much faster than the one on campus.

What a great day.


Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

looks like such a relaxing day! *elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Those tables are expensive. When I used to work at BAM one of our more "excited" managers kept trying to sell the one when had in stock, but everyone just laughed when he told them the price. I heard of quite a few people who have done some real nice Thomas tables of their own, so it shouldn't be too hard.