Wednesday, January 12, 2005

On a Brighter Note

I can't remember what I wrote about our first yard sale, but it was a success. We raised over $150 for our adoption fund, and people were very generous in donating old things to us.

Well, that was the only one we were planning on having, but many people came to me afterward and said they had more stuff to give if we wanted to do another one. I was reluctant (being the lazy girl that I am) but my Mom said we could have it at her place and it seemed like it would be despising the means God was providing not to have another one. So we are having another yard sale. I have even higher hopes for this one, because so far we have about 3 times more stuff to sell than we did for the last one! My Mom's house is on a much less busy street than ours, so I hope that we get enough traffic to sell a lot. We're putting ads in a few local papers, so I think that will help. I was completely overwhelmed when we went to her house to price and sort Monday night because there were two rooms full!! But after we worked sorting and repacking and pricing, we managed to fit it into one room, with space to spare.

So the sale is Jan 22, the stuff is rolling in, and we're actually managing to keep it relatively organized. I'm excited about that, and it is good to be doing something constructive while waiting for baby. I keep reminding myself that we haven't really been waiting that long! If you take Dec 8th (the day our home study was finalized) as our "conception date", then we wouldn't have a baby until September anyway.

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