Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Je m'appelle Idiot

Ok, if you can't read that don't feel bad because neither can I! Oh my goodness, I was such a dunce at French class. As soon as we got there we starting "reading" French words. None of us knew what they meant, but the prof would read them first and we would repeat them. Well, everyone else in our class of six did much better than I did, so I win the dunce cap. My mouth doesn't want to make those noises! My cheeks actually hurt when the class was over. It is from 6-10 every Tuesday for the next six weeks. I am hoping that I'll be ok with that, because I'm also taking Dr. Beisner's Mon. and Thurs. night class and I just can't do a lot of stuff these days. It is really frustrating too, let me tell ya!



I still say the woman on the other side of me did far worse than you.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

ne vous inquiétez pas! Dieu est dans la commande!