Sunday, September 04, 2005

Day 14-- Back in the saddle

2 Vivelle patches
2mg Estrace morning and evening
5 units Lupron
Prenatal vitamins
Baby asprin

I went to the doctor's yesterday for my sonogram and blood test. My estrogen was down to 32 from 95 and they said I could start taking the estrace and patches again. I'm not sure if this will affect the transfer date or not-- they said it would depend on how well my body responds to the hormones. My endometrium is still very thin. I think it was 4cm thick, but I don't remember for sure. I need to ask how thick they want it to be next time I go. I'm going again Wednesday morning at 7:30.

I had a really rough night last night. I stayed home from church to catch up on some rest. I just woke up and am feeling much better, thank God.

Last night we had dinner at Dr. and Mrs. Reymond's house. It is a rare treat to get an invitation to visit them, and we had such a nice time. We are so blessed to go to a school where the professors really care about their students and try to nurture and mature them.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the appointment went well. I ended up with a horrible headache and nausea, and I, too, stayed home from church this morning. But the similarity ends there... once I threw up, I felt much better. I'm fine now, though.

Jeni said...

I don't know why that last comment posted from anonymous. Maybe I typed my password incorrectly. Anyway.... the DINNER roll recipe is up.

Praying that you are feeling well enough to come on Friday!

Jordan said...

Glad you are feelin' better. It was so nice to see you at evening service. I'm looking forward to Friday. I've been doing better. My Sea Bands have helped a lot. I'll hafta post about them!