Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Inter-Racial Adoption

Sometimes when we tell people that we are willing to adopt a child of any race they are curious about it, which is understandable. It is hard enough to be adopted without having the whole world know it at a glance. Sometimes I'm afraid that people will question my right to be my baby's mom.

But Brian and I talked about it and we feel very strongly that it would be wrong for us to reject a child solely because of race. The gospel of Christ goes to all nations, Jew & Greek, male & female. God's graciousness and love does not heed national or cultural borders. How can we deny a child the chance to be raised in a loving Christian home just because we think we want a baby that looks like us? The child will still be adopted, black or white. Thinking about inter-racial adoption and being afraid of it has made me realize how pariochal I still am. Heaven is cosmopolitian.

We do realize that a black child raised by white parents will have a hard time fitting into this society, and that does concern us. But our hope is that this will only drive our precious one to Christ and to an early realization that the people of God do not belong in this world but to heaven. To be a Christian is to be misunderstood. And perhaps that is a gift, for the more accepted and loved we are by this world, the more ties we have that draw our eyes downward, keeping us distracted from eternal focus. Pray for our little one, that God would make His grace sufficient for him or her.


Kilby said...

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Khebi said...

My father was born to a pastor with five children, and this was post-war korea. My grandparents considered letting my father and the youngest son, then still a baby (now my uncle Iwha) for adoption in America, but decided against the idea because they wanted to raise all their children to God. I know this could be considered somewhat different an issue, but I just felt it relevant. Du courage!