Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Please Continue to Hold

Well.... I think a found a new doctor, but he definitely isn't going to be as "user friendly" as the last one. He is quite a bit busier (which makes sense, since I'm moving from a PPO to an HMO plan) and works through a centralized scheduling department. I had to wait quite awhile to make my appointment, and the earliest appointment they have for new patients is March 29! Such is life. He was, according to my old doctor "the only competent doctor on the list [of health care providers approved by my insurance]" plus he came at the recommendation of a lady that I really trust who had the big H done by him.

I'm a little nervous about waiting so long, but it will give the medication that I'm currently on a chance to work. And besides, my old doctor said that the cysts are currently small and that I'll need another sono in a month or two. So he didn't sound terribly concerned. Still, I think that I will try to get an appointment with my primary care physician so that I can get the ball rolling with him if I need any referrals.

It does get frustrating at times, because they make you wait and wait and wait until you are on death's door and then they ask you why you let the disease progress so far! What a crazy world it is.

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Anonymous said...

As Susan would put it (and I quote), "Say lah vee."