Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Praying for Purpose

Dear Father,

You see me as your child that you love and rejoice in, despite all my faults and frailties that you know even better than I do. You in Your good providence have ordered the events of my life and You have kept Your hand on me from my conception to this day. Thank you for preserving my life and supplying me with an abundance of good blessings. Your love has been the thread of gold in my life-- the constant good.

You have compassion on me in my weakness. You know that I have rarely had a thankful heart towards Yourself. You know that I have found it difficult to release my grasp on my life. You have had to pry my will out my hand with force. Now I am empty-handed, Lord, and I bow my knee to you. You alone know the plan for my life. All I ask, loving Father is that I would come into Your kingdom and be received with rejoicing.

Please help me to see what You have for me to do. Help me to serve You where I am and to spend my time and energy wisely-- not for my own glory, but in humility before Your throne seeking to please You and You alone.

I am so very weak. I know that I often look to my actions for justification and am quite rightly despairing. Please help me to remember that Christ is the one who justifies. He forgives the adulterous woman, the harlot, and my own adulterous soul. He comes alongside to help, comfort, and guide. Please let all my works of service to You be out of a heart of love and thankfulness, not a heart that seeks to earn Your pleasure, for that would be like trying to drink the ocean.

Father, You see my heart's emptiness and its longing for useful purpose. Please open my eyes and help me to see what You wish for me to do with my life. I have contemplated trying my hand at worldly success and You in Your mercy quickly thwarted that path.

Let my life be a song of praise to You. I wish to sing of You forever, Father. Give me music, O my Lord! May Your name be praised forever and forever in every tongue of men and angels.

Thank you for hearing my prayer and for Christ's intercession on my behalf there in Your presence.

To Your name be glory forever,


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