Thursday, July 14, 2005

Drops of Honey

I've recently had the opportunity to serve a bit more in my life and that has been wonderful. To feel, even in a small way, a sense of serving the Lord, gives me purpose--something that my infertility snatched from me.

At work I've had the blessing of helping students find housing and jobs. It is really an awesome place to be, because God provides faithfully for His people and it is a constant encouragemnt to see how that is accomplished. I always really enjoy welcoming the new students and getting to know them and hearing about what God is doing in their lives and how He has brought them here.

I also have the blessing of planning our seminary wive's fellowship. I should post sometime about the weird resistance/inadequacy complex that most seminary wives have. A far too great majority of husbands neglect training them and involving them in what they are learning in school. It is very tragic. And it results in a ministry team that is unbalanced and not of one accord. Anyways, sem wives fellowship is no replacement for a husband's care and training, but we hope to be a means of encouraging wives to be involved in their husband's education and a time for them to learn and be mentored by experienced godly women. I just am praying that we will be a place for women to learn and fellowship together and to refocused on their ultimate goals and purpose. Planning for this year with the help of some other girls is really exciting to me. I hope the Lord brings good fruit from these efforts.

And I also have the blessing of being somewhat involved with the local crisis pregnancy center. They have two big fund-raisers that pay their bills, a banquet and a walk. September 17 is the Walk for Life and I'm collecting donations. Their goal is to have 20 people give 20 dollars for each walker. $400 pays for 380 pregnancy tests, or their phone book ad for the year, or the electric bill at 4 centers. They just recently acquired an ultrasound machine and starting September 1, they will start offering free ultrasounds to their clients. I'm so excited about that. I really think that will change some girls' minds. It's really hard to ask my friends and co-workers for money, but I know that is the only way that I will raise any money! Anyway, if any of my blogger buddies want to donate, that would be awesome. You can just shoot me an e-mail and I can put you down.

These are just small things that the "great" folks of the world would wonder at my finding purpose and meaning for myself in. Yet the Lord has been gracious in giving me these aids in fighting off this plague of worthlessness that I've felt. It has been truly miserable. To feel that I am serving His kingdom in even a small way is a joy.


Jeni said...

you are such a blessing to me. I love to see how much you give of yourself to the kingdom while you wait on Him. You are certainly NOT worthless. You are a wonderful lesson on cheerfully doing what you can. God bless you.

Jordan said...

Thank you. Those are sweet words of encouragement. I'm still praying for you. You are very much on my heart! I'm so glad that I got the chance to meet you!