Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sweet Freedom

Thursday night marked the beginning of summer for me. That's when the final exam from my summer class was due. Now Monday and Thursday nights are free and I don't have 200+ pages of 17th century political philosophy to read. Last week was SO busy with Brian's party seminary wives' planning meeting, and the killer 16 page essay response for the exam. Yesterday Brian and I had the whole day to ourselves to do whatever we wanted and it was great. Mostly we hung out in the bookstore-- we're both book junkies and we were intoxicated with the freedom to read anything we wanted to. I've already finished one "junk-food" book already. Nice. We also watched Bridge on the River Kwai and an episode of Lost I'd taped and didn't have time to watch. Is anybody else into that show? I just caught a re-run on TV a few weeks ago and got hooked. It is a little weird (I've heard that the creators are big fans of The Twilight Zone) but it is very unique and tells a big comprehensive story. Every episode is a continuation and they aren't constantly explaining everything to you--as a matter of fact it is a big mystery. So anyway, I like it 'cause it is more artistic than most TV. I'm not unreservedly recommending it though. It has some objectionable material in it, unfortunately. Anyway, I've only seen a few episodes.

All that to say, yesterday rocked. I purchased a whole fat stack of books and can hardly wait to dive in. Plus next weekend we are headed for our no cars, no electricity, island vacation on the west side of the state. All I need is my swimming suit and my books.

We also got the party pictures back yesterday. Here are a few!

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The Beisner boys were ready to play ball!

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Brian with Dr. Beisner

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Carrie and Nicci are chillin'.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe Grillmasters. Our Dads graciously agreed to do the honors. Many thanks!

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Me and my Mom. Awww....

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Susan snapped this shot of me, mid-sentence. Thanks, Sus. :) I got her back by taking a photo of her with food in her mouth, which I won't post here because I'm a good friend.

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Kilby, Jordan, and Susan. I like this one!

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And here are the All-Star teams: the Yankees and the Brian Lions.

We had a great time. The Lord is so gracious to us to bless us with so many friends.

Well, that's enough lazing around for now. I want to get some serious laundry and cooking done. It is so nice to be home and have time to do that. When will I learn to stop piling stuff on and just be content to diligently work on the little things that really matter? Maybe that is part of why God gave me this illness. To help me realize that yes, the world can keep turning without me. The Lord is very gentle and kind and so very wise! I'm reminded of Lucy in Narnia:
"Aslan, you're bigger."
"That is because you are older, little one," answered he.
"Not because you are?"
"I am not. But every year you grow, you will find me bigger."


Susan said...

Jordan, since when have you unreservedly recommended ANYTHING you've watched?

And the bit about the world going 'round... Did you post that for me?

The pics are awesome--can I see 'em all tomorrow night? The goofy one of you turned out not so bad--you look great even when acosted by a retarded friend. You're always smiling.

Jordan said...

You know me too well. :)

I didn't post that stuff about the world turning without my help for you. I have my own version of control issues. :) But if the shoe fits...

I'll try to remember to bring the pictures to Knox Tuesday for you to see. Unless you won't be there? We had so much fun with y'all last night. Thanks for making it happen.

I didn't think the picture of me was terrible either or I would have had too much pride to post it. And you are a good friend, not a retarded one, FYI.

Susan said...

The shoe fits.

Yeah bring the pics. I'll be there and would really like to see them. I'm sitting at your computer right now filling in for Nicci. Let's just say it's been a BAD day.

I'm so glad last night worked out too. It was totally awesome.

Your good-'n'-retarded friend...



And a good time was had by all. Thank you for the party, sweetie!