Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Stressed-- Day 10

Lupron 5 units
Baby asprin
Prenatal Vitamins
Estrace 2 mg
Vivelle patches

I had wanted to post everyday about my meds, but that hasn't really worked out. Up to this point it has been prenats, asprin, and 10 units of Lupron every day and I haven't really experienced any side effects except for being a bit nervous and shaky.

The Lord was very gracious to us through the hurricane. Katrina was only a category 1 and we had no major damage done. We did not even lose our power, although 50% of the county did. We are so very thankful, because had Katrina formed further out in the ocean we could have had a direct hit from a category 4 or 5 hurricane. We've been praying for people in Louisana a lot.

I am very stressed this morning. The beautiful gift of peace seems elusive. I have had trouble communicating with the doctor's office ever since the hurricane and according to my schedule I am supposed to go in for tests today, but I have no appointment. This is very upsetting because they stressed to me the importance of doing everything exactly as it is laid out in the treatment plan. They are pretty far from my home and I have to work today and the girl who normally covers me is on vacation, so that adds to the pressure. I have left messages for them, so right now I'm just waiting for them to call. Also, I appear to have lost my cell phone. I had it yesterday in my pocket when I changed clothes and I thought I put in my bag, but it is completely AWOL. So I'm hoping that they don't try me at that number!

I'm praying that the Lord will show me how to trust Him and to remember that He has all things in His hands. He that is Lord of the storm, and the Lord of the cross can handle my little life far better than I know.

Oh rejoice in the Lord
He makes no mistake
He knoweth the end of each path that I take
For when I am tried and purified
I shall come forth as gold.

That's a song we sing in church-- I can't seem to find the author's name right now, or I'd post that too. May it be my heart's song this morning!


Susan said...

#132 in the RTH. Ron Matthews wrote the tune an Ron Hamilton the words. Good stuff.

I know stress, girl. Hang in there.

Jeni said...

Ron Hamilton wrote it after he lost an eye to cancer.