Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Autumn has finally arrived!

Brian here again: We've been told over and over since we've been here that the area has experienced an unusually long summer. Over the past few weeks, however, autumn has arrived. It started slowly, with just the occasional tree changing its colour (note the British spelling). But it's really kicked into gear over the past few days, so we thought we'd take a pleasant walk and enjoy it. Luckily for you, we took the camera with us:

Iain gets to go hiking, but Papa does all the work! Note the cows in the picture below. The land that surrounds the campus is called the South Downs, and it is all protected in an effort to keep it beautiful--no one is allowed to build on it.

We thought the picture above and the one below would make great PC wallpaper. If you want to use it, left click on the picture to bring up the full-size version. Then right click on it and choose 'set as wallpaper' or 'set as desktop background', depending on what web browser you're using.

Iain was pretty interested in the cows, actually. Papa was paying more attention to where he stepped.This is the playground very near our flat in Park Village. Iain loves to swing there, and he'll enjoy the other stuff as he gets older.

We shot two videos while we were out walking today: one is of the University of Sussex campus, and the other is of Iain as we stood near the cows. Also, I found another video of the campus on YouTube that some other student filmed.

So now you know a little bit more of what the campus looks like. We'll post some pictures of our flat once we get the last few mechanical/logistical issues sorted out.


Becky said...

Just keep those videos rollin'!

heidi jo said...

i loved hearing your voice jordan! almost felt closer to you for it. :) what a gorgeous boy... and beautiful place to begin raising him! it's gorgeous there!

Jeni said...

Oh, Jordan. I couldn't decide which picture to use as a background, so I think I'll switch them around a bit. Cows do happen to be my favorite animal, so that picture will probably make it on next. Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures and videos. I praise God for blogs!