Monday, November 27, 2006

Here Comes Santa Claus

Last weekend we took Iain to see Father Christmas! Apparently he lives in a "grotto" here in the UK. The grotto is that house you see in the first picture. Brian kept saying that Santa had fallen on hard times and was living in the ghetto... oh dear.

Here in England, Santa gives you presents when you go to see him and on Christmas Eve. Pretty sweet deal, huh? They gave Iain a little grab bag with a balloon, a coloring sheet, and a little book inside. He thought the balloon was fascinating! You can see he is already a discerning reader...

...well, ok, taster of books!

You can see that he is positively thrilled to be meeting Santa. He just sat there and looked at us quizzically.
Oh, I forgot to mention that Santa also gave him this really snazzy reindeer hat! Iain thought that was pretty good too!

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