Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm a Rolling Stone

That is to say that I'm gathering no moss. The flat, on the other hand... Let's just say it is better not to ask. :) Friday Iain and I went to Alfriston. Alfriston has been inhabited for over one thousand years. Isn't that crazy? It is a very small place and quite the quintesstial English village, though I'm told it is much bigger than many. It has houses, some bed and breakfasts, a bookshop, a post office, a tea room, a chocolate shop, two pubs, and a few other little gift shops. We saw the whole village in less than 5 hours.

We had "elevensies" and lunch both at the Singing Kettle Tea Room. (Elevensies is tea and a little snack at around 11 am.) It was lovely, but very cramped! The building has been there since the 16th century! Elizabeth I was ruling at that time. Incredible. You can see a little bit of the village outside the shop window too. I'm afraid I forgot to get a picture of the whole thing!

Look at the lovely cakes! They are all freshly made. Don't they look yummy? I actually didn't have a slice because I hadn't really had much to eat and I knew it would make me feel sick. :( I must say that English cakes, pastries, and biscuits (cookies) are quite nice. Good thing I'm walking a lot these days!

Iain and I went to Alfriston with Sophie, one of our new friends from the University. She is 23 and working on her master's degree in history. She lives with her boyfriend, Darren, who is 41, in Lewes. She is quite fond of Iain. She recently had all of us over to her house for dinner and somehow we both got to talking about Alfriston. She really wanted to visit the bookshop there, so we made a date to go together and had a nice time.

We also popped over to see the church, which is also quite old, being built in 1360. Britons take all this history as a matter of course, but I just can't get over how old stuff is here. The oldest building in Fort Lauderdale is the Stranahan House, which was built in 1902. Being kind of a history buff (Since I'm a girl, can I be a history puff?) I really love all the old stuff here.

This is outside the church. I just thought is was pretty. Notice how dark it is? It is only about 2pm. I can't get over how early the sun goes down this time of year!

On Saturday the whole family went up to London. I'll post about that soon, but this post is long enough!

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Compleat Mom said...

So glad you're seeing the sights. You can clean the moss out of your apt when you leave it. But you can't see more little towns when you leave, so enjoy!