Saturday, May 12, 2007

An afternoon in the park

One of the best months to be in Brighton is May, for that is when the Brighton Festival and the Brighton Fringe Festival occur. There are so many events happening all over the city that one could not possibly attend them all. Every venue in Brighton -- whether indoor or outdoor, small or large -- is overrun with drama, music, art, academics, politics, history, tours, talks, family events, and more.

A week ago we attended the Brighton Festival's opening event, the children's parade. All the schools in the area participated. Our friends Sophie and Lizzie joined us for the parade, and afterward we all went to Preston Park for lunch. Of all the people here at the university, no one has been as kind and welcoming to us as Lizzie and Sophie. We're blessed to have such friends. Here is a video of what we did after lunch:

Both Liz and Sophie are fellow students with me in the intellectual history program, so needless to say there were a few jokes made about the serious and sophisticated ways in which intellectual historians spend their free time.

We have already attended a couple Brighton Festival/Fringe Festival events and have plans for several more, including the Cirque Surreal on Monday. Perhaps we'll post more about the Brighton Festival later.


Susan said...

Must honestly confess to being a little jealous of Liz and Sophie. :) Wish I were there... Glad you've got such good friends over there. Can't wait to see you again. Feels weird that in two weeks I'm going home to be a Floridian for three months and you won't be there.

Hugs all 'round...

Jordan said...

Oh we miss you so much, dear Susan! I'm always thinking of you. Though we've been very blessed by good friendships here, you'll always be Iain's only Auntie Susan. Glad you are finishing up! (Hope you see this comment!)

Devil A Song UK said...

Iain is a giggle-baby.
So silly and still so cute.
Looking at the pictures of him I see a lot about about him that looks like Brian did at that age (from pictures I mean, as if I can actually remember that time. I was only about 3 myself then!) but there's also alot that I can assume he gets from Jordan.
A very cute little boy indeed.

Devil A Song UK said...

I wonder how else Iain takes after his Daddy...

Oh the stories I can (and will) tell Iain all about his Daddy growing up!