Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Our fair city

Brian here again: Our friend Liz thinks Brighton is the greatest city in the world, and she's been to some incredible cities. Honestly, we didn't think much of Brighton when we first got here. I don't know what we were expecting, but this wasn't it.

The longer we've lived here, though, the more we like it. It really hit us when Jordan's family visited. As we were showing them around our new home, we remembered what it was like the first time we'd seen it, and we realized how much it's grown on us. There are a few things we would change about Brighton, but this is our new home and we love it very much. We'll definitely miss it a lot when we leave.

Here's a fun video of Brighton:

We think you should all come visit us and see for yourselves if Lizzie's claim is true. If you flew into Heathrow and traveled through Victoria Station in London, this is what you would see:

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