Monday, March 14, 2005

The Still Tender Healing Wound

I've been in a good bit of discomfort and pain lately which only serves as a poignant reminder that more surgery is coming. I'll be seeing my new doctor on March 29 and he'll tell me what he thinks then, but it will probably be a hysterectomy. Ouch. That still hurts to think about, even after this long road of grief and comfort I've traveled this past year. It will be the snuffing of that final bit of hope, small as it is and as much as I've tried to crush it myself. But the Lord is so faithful and he has taught me so much through this. Trials and trouble make us cling to Him, though we may fight it at the first. Last night I made it to church (which is becoming an event these days) and the worship time was so sweet. It may be an old hymn, but we sang It Is Well With My Soul and I just sang with my whole heart. Without pain, we could not understand or appreciate joy. So I thank God that He is working in my life through affliction. Those are not words that come easily, but they do come from a sincere heart.

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