Saturday, May 20, 2006

God is SO faithful

Graduation last night was beautiful. It was such a blessing to see all these men that God has been intensively working on walking up there to receive their honors. It is almost like watching His work come to fruition before your very eyes. These are men that I have known and talked with and prayed for and watched develop in the intense and nurturing environment of seminary. We are so blessed that we went through Knox while it is still small, because I can honestly say that the professors (who are wonderfully mature and wise men in the Lord) really invest themselves in the students. It is truly a mentor/disciple relationship. The students are the fruit of their labor in Lord. All the pageantry and ceremony is beautiful because of the deep meaning behind it-- it isn't just pomp and circumstance (forgive the pun!). I think that the ceremonies of heaven will be like that. Their beauty will be in their meaning. I can tell you that no high school or college graduation that I've been to has had the depth and richness to it that the Knox graduations have had for me during our tenure there.

I sucessfully made it across the stage without falling (thank the Lord!) and I was the 4th graduate to go across the stage, so after that I was better able to enjoy the ceremony. When my sweet husband rose to receive his degree, the tears started flowing and didn't stop until the end. I'm proud to say that he received the departmental award for Church History from his mentor, Dr. Beisner. There was a lovely reception afterward and we got to greet so many dear friends. It was a wonderful celebration. Pictures are coming soon! I just don't know how to get them off the camera.

I can't believe how much we have both changed in 5 years. My husband has grown so much. He looks more like Christ now than he ever has and it beautiful. Watching the Lord teach him and shape him and change him has been one of the profoundest joys of my life and I love him more now than I did on the day I married him. I have been so blessed by the people that we have met at Knox. They have been a rich source of love and support and wisdom. Knowing them has helped me to know God better and to see His hand at work in all things. I never dreamed what an impact the decision to go to seminary would have on us or how much God would use this group of men and women to teach and change us. How richly we have been blessed!

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