Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I went to the doctor today and everything is ready for the baby to come, except for my cervix. Everything is completely closed up tight, otherwise I'd be having the baby this week. So I just have to wait for my body to be ready. I'm trying to be patient and to remember that this is all God's timing... but it is hard. I keep telling myself that Iain must not be quite "done" yet. I'm hoping that the ultrasound measurements were off and that he isn't 8.8 lbs right now! So send up prayers for patience and a healthy delivery and energy to use these last days wisely.


Kilby said...

Don't worry, you will have the baby someday. I promise. It's absolutely certain. I read it in the stars.

Susan said...

You don't want to know where I read it, but it was messy--(think goat entrails). Aah! I am SO sorry for posting that to your blog. I hope it made you laugh.

Hey girl, cheer up. Two weeks max right? Two weeks is so stinkin' short. (I know it's two PREGNANT weeks and that's pretty much as long as Milton's Paradise Lost. But anyway.)

Well, what I was really going to say here was a 9 lb+ baby is not the end of the world. Don't let yourself get scared. This happens all the time. And keep in mind you're not 5'2".

Love ya! Hang in there!

Jordan said...

Susan-- WHAT?!? I'm so confused.

Thanks for reminding that pregnancy isn't foever-- it just FEELS like it. I'll be able to aid you and show Iain as exhibit A when your turn comes.

Susan said...

If you want an explanation you're going to have to ask me next time you see me. Clearly I confused you and that was not my intention. I'm a little more far-fetched than I thought... Sorry. I could just delete that comment... ;)

Jordan said...

Could just be mommy brain...doggie! ;)